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Individual Coaching with Mindsonar

Individual Coaching with Mindsonar

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Quick Overview

Mindsonar offer one-to-one coaching along with an online psychological measurement tool, followed up by an hours long live coaching and feedback webinar.



Three parts to the process:

  1. General Information
    At first the programme will ask you some personal information: your name, age, occupation, etc...
  2. Criteria

    In the second part the program will ask you about your criteria/values. What is important to you in the context? You are asked to rank the criteria in order of importance and then give the opposite.

    The last activity in this part of the test is to categorise the values. You’re asked for each value with which category it is connected.

  3. Questions
    Finally the program will ask you to concentrate again on the specific context and then answer a series of questions (76 questions). Please continue with the questions until you’re finished. Do not pause between questions to do other things. The computer measures how long it takes you to answer all the questions.


It will take most people between 30 minutes to make the measurement. Please make sure that you:

  • have enough time to make the test
  • are in a quiet environment without any interference
  • close other programs on your computer
  • concentrate - again and again - on the specific context

Once you have completed your purchase you will get a confirmation email, the instructions to access the Mindsonar platform will then be emailed to you within 24 hours.